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The Revolution Chop House at The Valley Forge Casino Resort

Walking into The Revolution Chop House (RCH) you will see a plush dining area centered around the circular bar. This not only drew my eye, it made me feel like I was walking into an exclusive bar and restaurant meant to see and be seen.

And the food was equally impressive. As we ate perfectly fried Calamari that was tender on the inside and drizzled with a parmesan creme, and seated with olive tapenade, and shishito peppers. Also on our indulgent appetizer venture, the Clams Casino which was heavily seasoned and crisp with the clam whole as opposed to how I normally find them presented, the clam minced up within the breading. I must admit I prefer how RCH prepared this starter dish. Last, but not at all least, we tried out a new twist on a Philadelphia favorite; Cheese Steak Dumplings which were bite sized and the center was full of beef enrobed in creamy melted cheese and laying on top of a spicy, salty, and sweet apricot glaze.

For the entrees, we shared the Filet Mignon perfectly seared on the outside and to showcase the delicious meat it was hardly seasoned, however if you wanted to have more flavor it came with a small carafe of a mustard peppercorn gravy that packed a flavor punch to my palate. The slow cooked Braised Short Rib Pappardelle pasta in a truffle sauce with large shavings of Grana cheese practically melted in my mouth. The meat of the Short Ribs was so tender and the sauce was impressively rich and creamy and I could taste the decadent truffle flavor. And the our other shared main dish we devoured the special Fish of the Day; the Sea Bass which was dense, and seasoned with salt and pepper, chives and subtle coconut. For our side dishes, we ordered the Brussel Sprouts which I could taste the sweetness of a brown sugar and bacon glaze with every flaky roasted bite. And the Mashed Potatoes were wonderful and filling, with the cognac sauteed onions beautifully presented to us.

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